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Tube Openers - (Sep/16/2010 )


I have been trying to find the source of my DNA contamination, and I think I have narrowed it down to something during the DNA extraction protocol. Has anyone ever had problems with DNA contamination while opening centrifuge tubes? If so, what are your thoughts on tube openers.


Yes. It usually happens if you touch the inner seal as you pop the tubes open one-handed. I recommend a tube opener.

Personally, I use the ring on my index finger. It's wide enough to get under the tab, but narrow enough that it won't touch the inner seal.

-lab rat-

I usually use Glove sprayed with Ethanol and not to touch the inner seal


I tried a tube opener that was supplied with a new set of pipetts; but found it unhandy and difficult to handle. I usually just open the tubes by hand and completly open them with the pipett tip inside the lid; never had serious contamination issues.