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oscillating effect after drug administration - any example please (Sep/11/2010 )

we observed that after single dose administration of a receptor inhibitor the physiological read-out decreased (as exspected), and after a while the physiological response came back (also exspected). However, the come back was only transient and again the response decreased (less than before) and came back and so on (This I call oscillation).

Do you know any example of a single dose inhibitor which results in an oscillating effect of a biological response?

-Inmost sun-

I got a paper this year in which I describe oscillations of receptor activity (ER) in response to continuous stimulation with different ligands (for 21 days). It is not exactly 'single dose' as you ask, but it is interesting as it comes out that such oscillations are somehow predictive of the drug structure. Here the pubmed link and a summary in my blog. Get in touch if you want to know more about it. Regards


is this on a single cell? if not, could it be receptor internalization and recycling affecting the kinetics? or a second messenger regulating phosphorylation of receptor??