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Keeping media at -80C - (Sep/06/2010 )


I was wondering if anyone has come across the following problem. I want to make media in a 0.20Ám filter unit (vacuum) and then freeze the receiver at -80C but I'm really struggling to find something suitable.

I've found bottles with a couple of companies which will store media at this temperature, but none which connect to a filter. Size isn't too much of an issue but anything in the 250-500ml range would be ideal. Does anyone know of anything which fits this discription?



Can't you just filter into a sterile container and then transfer into something (sterile) that you can freeze?


I would transfer to sterile container. Those polystyrene containers will probably crack at -80C. Polyprob bottles would be best, do not fill to the top leave some headspace for expansion.


Thanks for the responses. The only reason I was looking for a receiver which doubles up as a freezer storage vessel is that my lab kis upping its waste minimising policy and I was trying to streamline. If there's nothing suitable on the market, it can't be helped!
Thanks again