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problems with yeast contamination - (Sep/02/2010 )

During last month I have had serious problem with yeast contamination, I tried several ways like decontamination and changing incubator , changing serum and supplements source , using new cell vials from cell bank and filtering all my old medium and addition of amphotrecin b to medium. using amphotricin contamination reduced but not eleminated I am wondering if yeat spores can pass trough .22 micro filters or remain stable during autoclaving? I cant find out the contamination source, is there any suggestions?


The spores will not survive autoclaving or pass through a .2 um filter. The contamination could be coming from skin or hair - yeasts are extremely common on the skin and hair, make sure you wear gloves, have your hair tied back, and wear a resularly washed lab coat when working with cells. Be very careful with sterile technique too.

Also, if you bake bread or brew beer/wine, you may be bringing the yeast in from that.