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Protein samples-best way to store - Using Denator Stabilizor T1 or other instruments/methods (Aug/31/2010 )


I was wondering about the Denator Stabilizor T1, has anybody used it? heard great things about it.
And I was wondering how u guys handle and store your samples and how you reduce your protein sample there maybe another instrument or a special protocol u use?

would appreciate all kinds of input on this subject!


You can store proteins in 4 deg for some time. But if you want them to be stored for a longer time, you have to add glycerol to the protein and store it in - 80 / -20, the former for very long storage periods. But however before using the protein, you gottu remove the glycerol, else the expt might have some prob.The best and the commercial way to store is to lyphilise the sample and store it air tight.