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Giemsa, Wright and May-Grunwald stains - For murine granulocytes (Aug/26/2010 )

Does anyone have much experience with these stains when it comes to murine granulocytes?

I'm looking at staining mouse bone marrow cells on slides and also cell culture preps of similar cells/granulocytes. I've been having problems getting the stains to do what they say they should. I'm beginning to appreciate that the pH of the stain and any wash steps is important for the type of cell you're interested in (eosinophilic/basophilic). I'm mainly looking for Eosinophils so have the pH at 6.6 at the moment and would love to able to identify their acidophilic granules and bilobed nuclei!

Does anyone have a protocol that they've used sucessfully here?


Perhaps place your posting in the histology section of bioforum?