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what solvent is better compatible for most cell lines? - DMSO vs methanol (Aug/24/2010 )

the compound which i have to dissolve is soluble in DMSO and methanol. which of those solvents is more compatible for most of the cell lines??


DMSO of course, but the amount should be very very low, because DMSO is toxic at the same time.

We dissolved genistin in DMSO to study endocytosis of virus into eukaryotic cells. I don't remember exactly how much but if I find I will let you know.


I would agree. DMSO is usually the way to go.
Although, as an experimental condition, if you have the ability and the time, dissolve your substance in DMSO and Methanol to see that there wasn't some other cellular effect that wasn't predicted.


if you use organic solvents, always run controls with the solvent alone in the concentration used; DMSO should be under 0,5% end concentration

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