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Cell growth rate & O2 consumption - (Aug/19/2010 )


I have two cell lines both human fibroblasts. One of the lines grows about 1-2 days faster than the other, meaning I need to split the plate 1-2 days before the other.

Do you think there is substantial differences in O2 consumption between these two lines? I don't think so since there is slight variance in humans, ex. 5 vs 7 days for epithelium replacement in gut.


There is no difference in O2 consumption it jus one of the cell line is actively growing and dividing at a very fast pace.....

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Dear Lab-it,

You have to check the rate of cellular respiration with say a "Clark Electrode". We routinely measure O2 consumption in Jurkat and J774 cells. The cells are extremely senstive to environmental changes ...such as Serum. We always use New Zealand origin FCS as we find the cells respire quicker and in our assays are "healthier".
You cannot relate growth of a cell to O2 consumption. Growth curves are a very insenstive way of looking at cellular health. Hope this is useful

Kindest regards

Uncle Rhombus