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DNAse digestion while RNA extraction with TRIzol - anyone tried that before? (Aug/17/2010 )


a colleague of mine needs to do a DNAse digestion on her RNA. We are now looking for simple ways of including the DNAse step into the TRIzol RNA extraction protocol.

I was thinking about including it after taking the aqueous phase containing the RNA like that:

- take RNA phase and put it in a new cup
- add DNAse and DNAse buffer
- incubate

and then to inactivate the DNAse i would start all over with the TRIzol protocol with a smaller amount of TRIzol.

What do you think about that?



I'm not sure how well the DNAse will work in the presence of chaotropic salts. But, as I teach and do, just try and see what you get.