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undesired products in multiplex PCR - (Aug/16/2010 )

I am studing with P. aeruginosa and I try to do multiplex PCR.I use 5 primer pairs. I have done MgCl and denturation temperature optimization. But ı have still problems about undesired products. also I have used DMSO in final consantration %9.There was no change in results. Please help m, ı am waiting your advises...


Try doing less primer pairs...


can you show your gel picture and your pcr protocols? if not is hard to advice.

-adrian kohsf-

Try to do as this paper said

Henegariu, O., N. A. Heerema, et al. (1997). "Multiplex PCR: critical parameters and step-by-step protocol." Biotechniques 23(3): 504-511.

I think it will help you a lot