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Microbiology D-Value question - Please Help =/ (Aug/12/2010 )

Hi, as far as I'm aware D-Value represents the death of 90% of organisms, however I have no idea how to calculate this table, so any advice will be much appreciated.

Question: Determine the D-value at each temperature.

Thanks in advance


I think you need to graph it and do a bit of extrapolation!


Agree with bob1.

Try asking yourself the question the other way round: Spores at t0=100%; how long does it take until only 10% of spores are surviving.


Okay so I've created three separate graphs for each temperature, put a linear regression line... Now I'm still lost. Do I simply fill in the blanks and assume those to be D-values (Which makes no sense) or do I get the 10% (90% Dead) of the first value, and assume that to be the D-value, and mark that on the graph?


Use the equation of the line to predict the time where there is only 10% of the start number (100%) of the cells left.