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protein crystallography services question - (Aug/11/2010 )

Hi all, I have a protein purified and concentrated and am looking for a company or school that can basically take it the rest of the way through crystal screening, growing, and x-ray crystallography.

I have tried doing the crystal screen myself with some materials from Hampton Research but have nobody to really guide me through optimizing and getting a nice large crystal, so am at the point where I would like to hand it off to a professional.

Can anyone recommend a good company or school that performs these types of services for people?



yes there were many companies who do crystallography and as you want to hand over your protein to the professional then these companies might help you like Accueil,a NovAlix company(preferably),Tecan,Rigaku(hardware,software services) etc.Might this will help you.

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Rupam Mittal