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how to use GC? - (Aug/10/2010 )

i've already ask the lab assistant on how to use it, but he ask me to read jurnal... <_<
well.. jurnal is really complicated.. i cannot understand jurnal very well. :huh: :blink:
so.. wut is detector? can somebody explain to me the GC principle? how am i gonna detect a few chemical in one sample?


GC=Gas Chromatograph? If so this site should be some help.


if you mean by GC, Gas Chromatography ...
then to start your machine you should read the catalog of the machine itself ...

to understand the principles behind gas chromatography:

i recommend to read an analytical chemistry book, as Skoog's.

also, there is " instant notes on analytical chemistry " it is a useful one which you can find for free on the net.

and there is " Fundamentals of analytical toxicology " by :Robert J Flanagan and others.

Best Wishes.