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What temperature should DTT be stored (4oC or -20oC)? - (Aug/04/2010 )

I saw some brands indicated on their chemical labels that DTT powder(Dithiothreitol)should be stored at 4C while others indicated that they should store at -20C. WHich way should be more appropriate? Is it the DTT powder are good as long as they are protected from moisture and light regardless of which of the two storage temperatures?



we routinely store the powder at -20c. but we are careful to allow it to warm to room temperature before opening the tightly capped bottle.


we sore it at 5 degrees (that is the mean value for the temp in a refrigirator!!! :P )
but we get DTT in small pack size.. so i really m not sure what happens wen u store it for long.. Ihave stored it for a max of 1 year without any problem.


The average temperature for the storage of DDT powder is 65oF and the other two criteria will also followed for the stability ans long life of the powder.

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Rupam Mittal


Powder DTT should be stored at 4C however, 1M DTT solution should be stored at -20C.