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cell count - how to calculate (Jul/28/2010 )

how to calculate cells correct if using a Neubauer-hamycytometer?

There are to formulas around labs ans web.

if counting 4 fields in a hemacytometer:
counted cells e.g. 200

--> counted cells:4= 50 x dilution factor (with trypan blue)x volume (of cell suspension) x 10^4 =

e.g. 200:4 = 50 x 10 x 10ml x 10^4= 50 x 10^6 cells (total in 10 ml)
or are this =10^6 cells/ml ???

thanks a lot for answers!!


count cells, divide by the number of squares counted, multiply by dilution factor, multipy by 10,000 will give by number of cells per ml. Multiply resulting number by total volume of suspension to get total number of cells,


thanks a lot, than I am right all the years :)