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Removing loxP after conditional KO mice - (Jul/27/2010 )


I am working with conditional KO mice obtained with Cre/loxP system which means that either being KO for the desired gen in target cell they have target gen floxed in all animal cells.
I'm just wondering if there is any way to "clean" this animals from loxP sequences mantaining the KO.
If anyone can just tell me if it is possible or where could I find more information about, I would be very pleased.

Thank you very much


The simple answer is "No".

The complex answer is "Not easily @ Not unless you have lots of spare time.". Removing the loxP site would require ES engineering, blastocyst Injection and animal breeding. Unless there has been a new developments in engineering techniques, you are looking at at least 1 year of work.

As for reading material... how is this....transgenic mice engineering