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Marker pens for glassware - (Jul/23/2010 )


We used to have a marker to write PI's name on glassware. It's a red liquid maker that once you write on the glassware, it'll dry pretty fast and you'll have to literally scrape it off the glass. The good thing is it won't come off after wash or autoclave. It is not Sharpie and I can't find it anymore because I don't remember who makes it. Does anyone know anything about such pen? Thanks for all the help.

-T. Hsu-

we were looking for the same kind of pens a while ago. We found good ones from a brand called Edding (751 paint marker, red). Hope this helps?

-fysio lab-

I don't know the exact english name, but the most durable seems to be "paint sticks" or "touch-up applicators", i.e. as it is used in automotive context to repair small blemishes in a car's paint. Unfortunately not for all surfaces because of the solvent, smelly, and not very thin for writings.