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precipitate - (Jul/23/2010 )

I have a medium formula:
Yeast extract (0.2g)
Nacl (5.0g)
KH2PO4 (1.0g)
MgSO4 H2O (0.2g )
H2O 750ml
PH 7.4
I think I could not use autoclave to sterilize this medium, since there will be precipitation (Mg(OH)2).

What i plan to do is:
mix all agents into 750ml H2O, adjust PH to 7.2-7.4, then I put it into 60 degree water bath, the reason for I put it in water bath is that i will filter them into 60degree autoclaved agar.
do you think it will precipitate in 60 degree? Thanks very much!


Where did you get that recipe from?