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Real Time PCR Standard curves - How many are required??? (Jul/22/2010 )

Hey guys,

I need your advice please...

I am doing a series of QPCRs using Taqman assays and I am looking the expression of two genes. I would like to ask you if it is neccesary to have a new standard curve each time I run a QPCR of the same experiment. So far my stndard curves have good r2 values. Although can I just select the best two standard curves and use these to quantify all samples? In future can I just run one standard curve (one for each gene) and use these for all my samples?



Short answer: It's not necessary.

Long answer: It depends on the quantification method, one uses standard curve and needs it in every run. Other uses efficiency, calculated only once from one standard curve.

More about these methods is basicaly all over the forum, like in this thread for example.