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Serial Dilution - (Jul/20/2010 )

Hi all,
Sorry just a quickie - I am having a brain freeze and hope you can help!

At the moment our 6 standards are made up of 3 solutions, but the 6 are made up seperately.

sol A sol B sol C
1 1 ml 5 ml 5 ml
2 1 ml 6 ml 4 ml
3 1 ml 7 ml 3 ml
4 1 ml 8 ml 2 ml
5 1 ml 9 ml 1 ml
6 1 ml 10ml 0 ml

I'm sure this can be serially done but just can't figure it out today!!



I do not understand your question.

And how do you mean a serial dilution?

Solution A for example is always 1ml per 11ml total... there is nothing you can "dilute" ..

Also the other solutions: you cant dilute it...

you have to make it seperatly.


agree with pito, you are not dealing with a serial dilution here, but with different mixtures of the three solutions.

You will have to make each standard on its onwn; you have different concentrations of every component in each of your standards;

The amount of solution A stayes fixed, whereas the concentrations of sol b and c are ascending/descending indirectly proportional. the proportion of the three solutions is different and not symetric for all 6 mixtures.