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Inquiry about Obtaining reference bacterial strains - (Jul/15/2010 )

hi all

I was under the impression that the convention is that bacterial strains can be obtained from ATCC or NCTC, however my boss insisted that I look at CDC. I did not dare asking him why not ATCC/NCTC. I looked at the CDC website and it's more like "oh you should wash your hand before dinner" that sort of website (more for the lay-people).

Does CDC actually have a reserve for bacterial strains where researchers can order? I learned from high school that they have the pox virus on reserve but other than that..... >_<

Thanks so much :)




There are more places where you can get strains from.

The CDC is not an institute that has conservation of bacteria as their main job.
However that doenst mean they havent got any strains.
In particular those that might be dangerous for the public health.

CDC is a well know institute with a very decent reputation.

(but not so much known as a place to get strains for.. I am not even sure of they do this as a commercial thing. But if you boss says you can get the strains there.. well yeah, then just do it. However do ask your boss why from the CDC... its never bad to ask questions... there is no point in staying ingrorant)