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Commercially available primary mouse endothelial cell line? - (Jul/07/2010 )

First timer here!

I'm looking for a commercial source of primary mouse endothelial cells. Does anyone have any insight?

Otherwise I will try to isolate them myself. Does anyone know if the CD31 conjugated Dynabeads from Invitrogen (designed for human ECs) work for isolating mouse ECs as well?

Thanks for your help!



Hi there

Dynabeads CD31 are for isolation of human CD31+ cells and are not cross reactive with mouse.

Please take a look at our application note for mouse endothelial cells isolation here:

This note contains a couple of different protocols, depending on your downstream application. Please note that we have launched a new magnet series since this application note was written. Current information on Dynal magnets.

The Dynabeads FlowComp Flexi, 11061D are also a good alternative for mouse endothelial cell isolation.

Best wishes

Technical Support Scientist
Invitrogen Dynal

-Kristina @ Invitrogen Dyna-


Check here!