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High pI proteins - High pI proteins (Jul/03/2010 )

Hi guys,
I am looking for a bit of help finding proteins which have a pI above 8 (preferably >9) for a experiment. Does anybody know any? Particularly any which could be bought lyophilised from sigma etc. Source (Organism) not NB!

Thanks to all in advance for your help. It's taking me ages to fnd sequences off the top of my head and calculate the theoretical pI!


Trypsinogen from bovine pancreas - Isoelectric focusing marker, pI 9.3 - Sigma - T1146

Lectin from Lens culinaris (lentil) - Isoelectric focusing marker, pI (1) 8.2, (2) 8.6, (3) 8.8 - Sigma - L1277


What about avidin?.....pI is 10.5 and lots of companies sell it.


there are also the histones. they have high pI's.


Thanks guys! V helpful!