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Autoclave Quandry - Need a disinfectant that can be autoclaved (Jul/02/2010 )

Sometimes we end up aspirating a large amount when doing tissue-culture. We need a disinfectant to be used in the vacume flask durring the day, but we also want to autoclave the mixture without dammaging the stainless steel. I am pretty sure that chlorox (Sodium Hypochlorite) will tarnish the autoclave very quickly, but I am looking into using Chloramine or Benzalkonium Chloride. Has anyone autoclaved these chemicals at, say .2% Benzalkonium or 5%Chloramine? Maybe someone knows of an effective disinfectant that is stable or minamally corrosive at autoclaving condidtions?


Chloramine tarnishes steel, do not autoclave.

Looking at its chemical structure, Benzalkonium chloride looks okay in an autoclave. It works by being a surfactant, not an oxidizing agent. Maybe somebody else can comment.


Why not just aspirate and then autoclave without disinfectant? Do not use virkon or trigene if you are autoclaving after aspirating.