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Serial Dilution - Dilution (Jul/01/2010 )

Hi everyone,

I have a quick question regarding elementary concept of dilution. I have stock concentration of tetracycline (1mg/ml) and I want to use 1ug/ml concentration for my experiment. The volume to which I will add this new concentration (1ug/ml) is 1ml. Along the same line, I also want to make 0.5ug/ml dilution from original 1mg/ml stock. How much micro L (ul) of the original stock solution should I add to my well with the 1ml? I know I can make the 1000 dilution by adding 1ul of tetracycline to 999ul of PBS and add 1ul of this to the 1ml volume. I was wondering if there is a more efficient way of making a serial dilution that will get me 1ug/ml of antibiotic into the 1ml volume. Thanks!


you can make dilutions in between ....

you have 1mg/ml.... just dilute this 10 times or 100 times and keep those dilutions... then its easier and then you do not need to make such ridiculous dulition where you put 1 Ál in 999Ál.

by example you can use 500Ál stock with 500Ál water or pbs.. then you have 0.5mg per ml...
(its just an example..)