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Font for Power Point presentation - (Jul/01/2010 )

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Which font for headlines and/or other text is state of the art for ppt?

I prefer Microsoft sans sarif but I do not know if itīs still fresh...

-Inmost sun-

thats very objective ...

And its a detail lol.

I prefer verdana , thats also sans sarif.


I agree, sans sarif is better for title.
In print, sans-serif fonts are more typically used for headlines than for body text.



-Mad Researcher-

I prefer sans serif, easier on the eye for the visually challenged such as myself. I use Arial but they all look pretty much the same to me.


Seems like I'm all Arial since its the font I use in my formal writings (e.g. thesis/results).

What about Word docs? what fonts do people generally prefer?

And more importantly, why? is it all due to the 'appeal'/;attractiveness' factor?

-science noob-

there was a new your times recent article about a study (it is a bit too much to call that a study, more like a survey) about fonts and the results might be interesting for you guys: they conclude that Baskerville is the way :P


I learnt it this way:
Fonts without serifs for presentations and posters (and headlines/titles), because they have a clear and uncomplicated design. You can easily and fast comprehend what is written and the layout of a slide or poster isn't messed up > Arial, Verdana, etc.
For texts in papers, thesis etc fonts with serifs because the serifs help to read longer texts/sentences as they kind of "guide" the eyes over the words and sentences, that are usually longer than on posters/presentations...> Times NR etc...
And always use common fonts, as if you go to a meeting, the computer there might not have your special fonts installed and then the slides are messed up (or you use pdfs or pps(x)-files).


Use Comic Sans.
If it's good enough for the Higgs-Boson announcement.......


and for the announcement of the results of the replication of the experiment to prove its repeatability, they'll use baskerville? Perhaps then I'll believe it

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