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stable clones - correlation between 2 genes in the same family (Jun/30/2010 )


After establishing stable clones, I did qPCR to check for the expression of my gene of interest ( as no antibody available) as well as to check for teh change in expression of 3 other genes (gene A, gene B and gene C) belonging to the same family as my gene of interest.

My results show that not only do my stable cells overexpress my gene of interest but there is reduced expression of 3 other genes which belong to the same family of genes as my gene of interest. I've experienced this in two different stable cell lines. To demonstrate that the reduced expresssion is indeed a result of my target gene, am'I correct in my planning:

A) I knock down my target gene in a cell line that shows high expression of target gene but no or reduced expression of genes A, B or C? If the expression of geneA increases due to target gene knoockdown, then there could be a correlation between the two genes?


Indeed, u are in right direction.