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are vacuum manifolds (plasmid prep) interchange with brands? - (Jun/24/2010 )

Hey all,
I'm wondering if anyone has experience with vacuum manifolds for high throughput plasmid preps. I need to do a megaprep using a Genelute (sigma) seems that most megaprep kits need a vacuum manifold, but I only have access to a biorad version.

My question is: Are the kits/manifolds interchangable with brands or do the different companies modify them to only be used with their own products?

Thanks in advance,
Eric J.


As long as you get a good seal to allow the liquid to be pulled through, and as long as you don't get cross-contamination, you should be fine. The most important issue is getting a seal; if that doesn't work, you're plumb out of luck!


Most vacuum manifolds use a Luer system which is the common tip for all syringes. I have used invitrogen, promega and a third brand (which I forget now) on a manifold from promega.