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resolving cell growth problems - (Jun/21/2010 )

Hello All,
we were having ongoing problems with our research project. We were growing bone marrow cells in suspension but were not getting the type of cell yields we were aiming for . CAn aybyone suggest a growth factor that we can add that will help with improving cll growth. Thank you.


Stuart we tried using a whole heap of individual growth factors and cytokines but it became too complicated and expensive. In 2007 we started using a growth supplement that contains a mixture of growth factors. There has been an improvement in the cell growth of our marrow cultures. The supplement is called BMGS and the vendor is Genial Genetics. I can email the contact details if you like?
Additionally we have discovered it works well with other solid tumor types. We supplement all our RPMI media with 10% BMGS. It might also be sold under the name Procell-BMGS. I really hope all this info helps you.
What are you growing the cells for?


Hi Roma & Stuart, our lab also uses BMGS for all its cell cultures. We have found that it improves cell proliferation and cell growth. Since we have been using it our culture problems have decreased. I would recommend you trial it as it may resolve your growth issues.