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stability of cell suspension - (Jun/21/2010 )


I need to prepare cell suspensions of seven cell lines and use them at the same time for some experiment. Preparation for each cell line takes at least 30min. So I am wondering where to keep the prepared cell suspensions when working on others. Should I keep them on ice, on bench at room temperature, or 37C/5% CO2 incubator? Can they be stable for several hours?

Thanks a lot!


It all depends on what you are using the cells for... if you are using the cells for an experiment that involves seeding out the cells again, you could harvest 3 lines and seed, then go on to the others.
Otherwise, if you have a short duration experiment, where gene expression matters, you will be better off doing each cell line separately, so that the cells aren't affected by sitting around in tubes for an hour or so.