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Fibrin clot scaffold - (Jun/21/2010 )


I am trying to engineer cartilage tissue using fibrin clot as a scaffold.

I am having some difficulties with the fibrin clot consistency. I am using 1000u/ml thrombin in 5% Cacl2 solution for clotting.
But my clot is still week and watery .
After implantation under nude mice skin i loose most of the clot volume.

How can i strengthen my clot? knowing that I am centrifuging the blood at 600 g for 15 min to obtain the plasma for clotting.



perhaps add exogenous fibrinogen.


sgt4boston on Jun 21 2010, 12:13 PM said:

perhaps add exogenous fibrinogen.

I don`t want to have cells in my clot. just plasma
do you know why plasma liquify when in touch with tissue ?