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Good Cell line for Histone 3 and 4 - Positive Control for Basic Staining and WBs (Jun/19/2010 )

I'm totally NEW to histones. I am actually doing a favor for someone and testing some antibodies. I'm may need to run a Western blot and use either cells from either colon, liver, breast or pancreatic cancer cell lines. In addition, I may use some of these cell lines for basic immunocyto.

I know how to do WBs and ICC, but what I didn't know is if any of these general cell lines would be better than the other for testing some anti histone Abs. Would any type of cells I listed be more rich in histones? Or, more rich in histone modification (acetylation)? I just wouldn't know on the latter question. One of the antibodies looks at a specific acetyl modification as well. So any type of protocol which helps maintain histone modification would be useful too.



It seems you'll be safe with almost any cell line. Trichostatin A treatment is a nice way to modulate lysine acetylation.
Look at some of the anti-histone h3 and anti-histone h4 antibody pages at Cell Signaling: