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too much nahco3 in medium - (Jun/18/2010 )

I made a mistake during DMEM medium preparation and instead of 2-2.2 gr NaHCo3 per liter I added 3.7 gr/lit, my cells grow slowly in this medium and the color of medium doesnt turn to yellow in long term cultures what should I do ? is there any way to fix this or I should just throw it out?


The bicarbonate is the buffering system to keep you medium at approx pH 7 if placed in a CO2 incubator. Adding too much bicarbonate will make the solution too basic and it should be discarded. Do not grow your cells in it, they may survive but you will be altering how the population behaves (by selective pressure), which may affect downstream experiments and reproducibility of results compared to other labs using the same cell line(s).