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HOW LONG CAN I STORE MY MEDIA...? - (Jun/17/2010 )

Hi there,
i was wondering how long would i be able to store my media after adding antibiotics to it. i use geneticinG418 in RPMI 1640. normally i store my media at 2-8 c for a month, but wasnt sure for how long would i be able to store it after adding my antibiotics as some of the antibiotics degrde on exposure to light.

can anybody plzz help me on this..?? cheers..!!



Wrap the bottle in aluminum foil to protect it from light.


I would ask the manufacturer how stable it is, and about any requirements for protection from light. If you are storing in a normal fridge (not a glass front) though, I wouldn't imagine wrapping in foil would be necessary, as exposure to light would be very limited.


thank u for the reply guys..!!