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EtBr- post satining protocol - (Jun/16/2010 )

Hello, can any one post ETBr post- satining protocol and for how long the gel should be put in. dose it have to be in agitation postion? please help.. Thanks


Fill a small container with TAE or TBE (what you used to run your gel) and add EtBr (colour of the buffer should be reddish). Put your gel in the container and wait as long as you have patience :lol: ...then check. If the bands are not bright enough stain longer

Good luck

-fysio lab-

Prepare 0.5 ug/ml EtBr in your running buffer (TAE or TBE), completely soak the gel in it.
Stain for 10-30 minutes.

You can reuse and store the staining solution up to several months, if you keep it in fridge in the dark.


fysio lab on Jun 16 2010, 06:43 AM said:

add EtBr (colour of the buffer should be reddish).

Usually the solution should be so dilute that you can't see the EtBr colour. If it is reddish, you have added too much.