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cell culture urgent!! - (Jun/15/2010 )

i made big mistake!
i wash my plate of 293T that express my protein, with PBS, then, i should add trypsin to lyse, cells and centifuge, to split them later!
but, instead of adding trypsin, i add Fetal bovine serum, because i was not concentrated!, then, i remove the FBS, and wash with PBS, then, put trypsin.
is this problem for my cells, are they willing to die,??
thanks for your help


That's no problem. The cells should be just fine. FBS won't hurt your cells of course. Since you washed again with PBS (as FBS contains trypsin inhibitors), they should trypsinize just fine and you shouldn't have any problems splitting them.


oh, thank you very much for the reply!
i checked them today, they look fine :lol: