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Transporting some bacteria cells - transport bacteria cells pellet (Jun/10/2010 )

I need to transport some bacterial cells (in a pellet) that were previously stored in -70 degrees to another place. While I think it should be alright to transport using a styrofoam box and some ice packs, the temperature during the transportation should be just slightly cold. The duration of the transportation should be around close to 1 hour.

Does this sound okay or the transportation duration is a little too long? As I would be using these bacterial pellets for some rna work and I am a little paranoid over affecting the integrity of my samples (such as having my rna degraded or something), although I think it should be okay but I just wanted to get some assurance..



I would just put it into some dry ice... Then nothing can go wrong...


Eum, you can simply transport them in a box with some ice.

Normally if its an hour, they will not thaw: they are still in ice and still frozen.
At least, thats how I did it.

You are just going to extract RNA?

And those samples, pellets, but in what sort of medium?