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GFP and Luciferase Cell Line - (Jun/10/2010 )

I am looking for a cell line that has both GFP and Luciferase. I found cell lines in ATCC that are either GFP positive or Luciferase positive. Would be very pleased if you could help me find the cell line that i am looking for. Thanks in advance!



Can you not get the cell lines expressing either GFP or luciferase, then transfect the other?


There is an article entitled "The Renilla Luciferase-Modified GFP Fusion Protein is Functional in Transformed Cells". Authors are Yubao Wang, Gefu Wang, Dennis J. O'Kane and Aladar A. Szalay. It's in a book/journal BioHydrogen and was published in August of 2007. I don't have access to this journal but the abstract describes mammalian cell lines with a fusion protein of GFP and luciferase that are functional by FRET analysis. You may want to write the corresponding author to get more information.