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high background reading in ELISA - (Jun/07/2010 )

Hi there,

I always have problems getting high reading for blank sample. My friend did it with the same buffer and protocol (but different sample), but managed to get good result. Im afraid this could probably bcoz of my skills. Any advice would help me a lot



blank meaning sample with no analyte or empty well (no sample).

All things being equal...Usual problem is insufficient wash or residual wash remaining in wells during the assay (ie decant and blot vigorously using fresh paper towel between blotting).

Watch your friend next time around and run your test in parallel!


I had a colleague who mentioned that he often got contamination between wells when he dumped out various solutions. You may want to try aspirating the wells if you continue to have contamination issues.

Also, make sure your settings for wavelength, etc. are correct.

Best of luck!


Thanks a lot buddy :huh:

i really appreciate it