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too many isoforms expressing proteins - (Jun/06/2010 )

Hi all,
I am working with cell line and looking at a particular protein which has 25 protein coding isoforms from a wide range of molecular weight.

Can anyone tell me if there is some max possible isoforms co-expressed in one particular cell line or is it really possible to have all of them, 25, in only one cell lyne?

My western blots look like zebra stripes and I am quite confused what to explain to my supervisor.

Any help will be appreciated.


why not? proteins like EPO express all the 14 isoforms (rather glycoforms) in the cell culture harvests!!! but they are same molecular weight!!!
can u explain more??


yup, that happened to me before lol

I had to tag the different isoforms and work with them one by one to make any sense of it lol.

Pure horror that project.