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The use of hygromycin - (Jun/06/2010 )

I have problem regarding the hygromycin resistant marker. In my vector, there are 2 resistant markers, one of them is hygromycin. I transformed the vector into E.coli and select the bacteria by using selection media with hygromycin antibiotic. May I know isn't alright use hygromycin to select transformed E.coli cells? Or the hygromycin antibiotic is only use to select the transformed plant tissue cells?


hygromycin is usually for mammalian cells...what's the other selection marker?
You might want to try that one...


However, if you are willing to accept the monetary cost and have the appropriate prokaryotic promoter to drive the hph gene, hygromycin can be used against e coli. Hygromycin is normally used at a concentration of 50 μg/ml in Low Salt LB Agar adjusted to pH 8.

I think you need to look at both markers and their associated promoter within your vector. I have a feeling, that you will find that one marker is for prokaryotic selection and the other for eukaryotic selection.