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destroy DNA incorporated inside the pipettes - (Jun/03/2010 )

Hello Guys, i am sure all have come across pipettes contamination.....What is the best way to destroy DNA incorporated inside the pipettes?


Use barrier tips, and you won't care about whatever contamination there is, and avoid more in the future.


as phage434 has said use barrier tips.

As for your currently contaminated pipette. I believe you can remove the barrel of the pipettor and soak the barrel in a warm solution of 0.5M HCl. I would leave it to soak overnight. After that soak the barrel in distilled water to remove the acid. Change the water and repeat the soaking several time. Once done, dry the barrel, best to leave it in a 50C incubator/dryer.

Then reassemble barrel to the rest of the pipette.


You can use the DNAZap spray to degrade residual DNA. Ambion sells it, I think.


10% bleach rinse will do the job. I had PCR tested on capillary tubes used for sample transferring.

"Finally, total RNA can be extracted from frozen whole blood!"


Using Bleach and HCL???

Will it be harmful for the "O-rings" inside the pipette?

-adrian kohsf-