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Latex conjugation for lateral flow - (May/21/2010 )

I know this an ELISA page but does anyone have a simple passive adsorption protocol for antibodies to Latex beads that should be used in lateral flow assay
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I am sure that Thermo Fisher (Seradyn), Polysciences, Invitrogen, EMD etc have protocols as well.

In summary, MES buffer or use KPL carbonate buffer, use excess ab, wash several times in PBS, BSA, (or just PBS). Final stage store in PBS, BSA, azide with glycine.

The smaller the particle size the greater the g force of centrifuge to wash particles or use tangential flow (device).

all conditions require optimization. You can include BSA with your ab to reduce mass of ab required (ie co-coating). Affinity purified or Mab work best.

good luck.