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Fluorescent Amyloid beta - (May/21/2010 )

Hi Everybody,
I want to produce fluorescent amyloid beta1-42 fibrils. Diverse groups use dye like Alexa488 but nobody writes what concentration of dye they use. My fear is that a wrong concentration can interfere with the fibrillization process. Someone use the dye after the fibrillization but also in this case nobody writes the dye concentration. Can somebody help me or has experience on this?
Thanks in advance :P



check out this page from invitrogen.

it shows the kits for labelling proteins as well as antibodies.


Hello Vincent,

If you're interested in Amyloid beta fibrils, you don't need to worry about the dye concentration's influence over fibrillation process. Am quite sure, if you use the concentrations in the articles, there won't be any problem. If you are working with amyloid 'oligomers' then your concern is justified.