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Biolistic (transformation efficiency) - (May/20/2010 )

Anyone in here do biolistic transformation in Arabidopsis suspension cell? The transformation efficiency is ridiculously low. I am wondering what psi rupture disc to use to increase the efficiency?



Some time ago I found this paper about biolistic bombardment in Arabidopsis. I don't think that it is exactly what you are looking for, because they shoot leaves for transient expression experiments, but maybe you can find some helpful tips!

Functional transient genetic transformation of Arabidopsis leaves by biolistic bombardment.

Ueki S, Lacroix B, Krichevsky A, Lazarowitz SG, Citovsky V.

Nat Protoc. 2009;4(1):71-7.

Good luck!


Biolostic is the introduction of DNA into a plant or animal cell by coating it onto the surface of a pellet and firing it into the tissue at high velocity.
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