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Interferon beta and MHC class I regulation - (May/17/2010 )

Dear all,
I try for a long time, but may be I am doing it wrong...I can't find an info on whether interferon beta can differentially regulate MHC class I expression. Would it up-/down-regulate more of H2-D or H2-K type of MHC class I? Is there any info at all on Pubmed? I am sorry that I place non-methodological question in this forum, but it is my ONLY hope to find clever people. Thanks!!!


I found something recent on Pubmed. More commonly, IFN gamma or TNF alpha are used and these will consistently upregulate MHC I (and MHC II in non-APCs).

Neuropathol Appl Neurobiol. 2010 May 27.
IFN beta treatment induces MHC class I expression in the spinal cord and enhances axonal growth and motor function recovery following sciatic nerve crush in mice.

Zanon RG, Cartarozzi LP, Victório SC, Moraes JC, Moraris J, Velloso LA, Oliveira AL.