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Downloading aticles in bulk - EndNote library available, want to download all articles (May/16/2010 )

Hello folks,

I have a rather huge EndNote libary and my institute has a subscription for almost every article that I need. Before leaving this lab, I would like to download all the articles for references I have in my library. I was wondering if anybody knows a trick using which I can feed my EndNote library to Pubmed or any other program and it can download all articles one by one without my intervention?

There is a mac program called as Papers which can download articles for you if you just click on each article one by one but thats the last option I am looking for.



According to the EndNote product information here, you can:

Find full text articles automatically:
EndNote will locate and download full text for you—no additional steps required! Select one or more references, a group, or your entire library and have EndNote scan for full text available to you. When the full text is found, EndNote downloads and links it to the appropriate reference automatically—while you continue with your work.

I don't think this will retrieve the .pdf file, but will get the text of the article for you and store it in the EndNote database. I'm also not sure what version of EndNote is required for this functionality. If this isn't what you're looking for, you might get a more authoritative answer by posting your question on the EndNote user forums.


My bad. I should have mentioned that I am using EndNote X1 and this feature is available in EndNoteX3.

Thanks for the link to EndNote forum.

If I find a solution, I will post back.


if ur using mozilla, or any other browser mozilla works best tho, try "downloadthemall" easy to use and u can select what type of files etc...