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Roche DIG in situ hybridization system - (May/14/2010 )

I am new to ISH. I found this non-radioactive system in Roche. Has anybody used this before? Is it good? I am gonna do this on tissue slide. Is it possible to use the same slide for ISH, and then immunohistochemistry?
I appreciate your suggestions.


The system is definitely good, there are a range of ways of generating probes and the detection is easy and fast compared to radioactive systems. I don't know if you could subsequently do IHC on them as I guess will probably destroy the DIG label, but it may be OK, depending on the system you are using.


I have used the Roche System extensively, and confirm that it's pretty good once you got rid of your background. We used anti-DIG HRP and Cy3 TSA (Perkin Elmer) for ISH and antibody staining to stain cells of interest. It took some time to optimize, but we got a good signal/noise ratio eventually... Please check the pic.


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