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House keeping gene question? - Thanks for any help! (May/14/2010 )


I am performing some RTPCR rns, my gene of interest have a ct vale of around 25-26 and my house keeping genes hALAS and Beta actin, have Ct values of around 23 and 17 respectively. Which one would be better to use as a house keeper. The Halas has ct values closer to my gene interest and also shows the result I want whereas beta actin do not.

Thanks for the help!



The closer the Ct values between your gene of interest and your housekeeping genes, the better. Plus, nALAS is giving you the results you are looking for, so I would go with that one and forget about beta actin.

Having said this, it is recommended to always have at least 2 or 3 housekeeping genes give you similar results in order to believe that what you are getting is true. I would discard beta actin but look for at least one more housekeeping gene.

Good luck