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Ampholytes appropriate to IPG strips? - (May/12/2010 )

Hello all,
Have been doing a bit of IEF recently and had started out with Invitrogen's ZOOM strips pH 3-10 NL. I also purchased the corresponding ampholytes for those strips. Now I want to narrow the range of the strips to pH 4-7, but before dropping another 250 on 4-7 ampholytes, I was wondering if anybody has actually used the 3-10 ampholytes with pH 4-7 strips and if so, does it mess up the resolution?


the manual says that you may use pH 3-10 ampholytes for all pH ranges of ipg strips (but implies that you should use the appropriate range ampholytes).


True, I guess i more so wondering if anybody had done it without loss in resolution. I will give it a run anyway before buying the specific 4-7 ampholytes. Thaks for the imput :>